Welcome to New U Life

We are very excited that you have decided to become an Associate with New U Life!  This is a tremendous business opportunity, and we want to help you get a jump start into your New U Life Business.  Don’t wait to get your package, get started now!  Please call anytime you have questions!

To Jump Start Your Business Please Go Through Each of These Steps (ASAP)

Under the Tools Tab then Documents and Media in your back office you can find downloadable brochures and flyers.

You can purchase business cards and marketing materials here:

1.  Sign into your new Back Office and complete the training on the home page.

Please note that there are two training sections (Using Your Back Office) and (Getting Started With New U Life) 

2.  Purchase the Phone App $4.99 monthly.  You must purchase from your back office before downloading. Download the Phone APP and go through the APP Training.

Some of the Phone APP Marketing Videos are listed here, you can also use these links to send out to your prospects:

This stuff REALLY works! 

Have you seen this yet???

The single hottest product in the market, people making big money!

Heard about HGH?

Everything you need to know. 

DOCTORS love this product!

REAL Testimonials

3.  Other Videos:

Original Three Minute Video:

Call with Founder Alex Goldstein:  

4. Testimonial Private Facebook Page - Please Join Now

Private Business Building Facebook Page - Please Join Now

5. Send Facebook request to your sponsor and up-line so that you can be added to the New U Life Groups.

NewULife Product Page:

NUL Replay Page:


New U Life Corporate Announcements:

“The Gel” Training Forum:

6. Placement Suite: DO NOT Place anyone from your holding tank until you speak to your up-line and fully understand the Binary Structure.

Once someone is placed from your holding tank they can not be moved. Make sure you fully understand the Binary Structure before placing anyone.