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Is hair an area you struggle with? After using The Gel for just 4 months, look at Josie’s results!


Robie Lynn

January 2019 I started, all because I said YES!!

It’s been exactly one year, to the day since I have worn this outfit so imagine my surprise!

This picture is a reminder of how ugly, unhappy and unhealthy I felt.

I was miserable! I felt miserable! 

No desire FOR anything or TO DO anything. 

No energy and tired all the time, but yet I didn’t want to ever go to bed because I didn’t want to have to wake up and do it all over again! 

My anxiety and Stress were off the charts! I was so overwhelmed!! 

Menopause was starting to take over and I was allowing it! 

My self and self image declined so fast and I couldn’t and didn’t know how to stop it all because of 1 little prescribed pill - I gained 30 lbs 

It was this time last year I was watching the posts about the Gel, just sitting back watching people’s lives changing and feeling envious. 

I wasted too much time before finally saying YES!!!

But.... then had to be my skeptical self thinking it couldn’t be true that I felt those amazing results! So I stopped. Once again, I wasted even more time before finally saying YES!!!

Now! I am so glad that I did!!!! 
January 2019 I started!! I said YES and invested in myself because I AM worth it!

6 months later after starting the Gel and I AM FEELING GREAT and ALL those horrible symptoms are gone!

I’m so glad I said YES!! Can you tell why??? I sure can!

**This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**


Melissa Oliveraz

Two month update:

- Huge improvement in sleep. (used to wake 4x a night to use the bathroom, I only wake up once now) 
- Mood has greatly improved, zero PMS after 6 weeks.
- Focus has improved. More alert, improved energy.
- I’ve lost 8 lbs without changing my current eating/workout regimen. I’m no longer bloated and can see my waistline changing.
- Varicose veins have been a huge issue since having twins. The photo below speaks to how much improvement I’ve seen with my vein and skin changes!

I’m loving this gel! 💙

**This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**

Mary Herman

I have been using the Gel just over a year now and never want to be without it. I don't feel like 60, more like 50. So much energy, great sleep, hardly any aches and pains. Life just looks better. Btw I am almost 73. So many benefits.

Terren Batting

We have been on the Gel 9 months and LOVE IT. More energy, better sleep, feel younger and look healthier!!


Can you believe these results after just 5 months on the Gel? Check out Jerry’s testimonial!

“I have been on the Gel for 5 solid months now and have never felt better. I have always been active in the gym, but I have never been able to get this lean. The only thing I’ve done different is add The Gel into my daily routine. Once this Gel takes effect, you literally feel unstoppable.

This a personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person.”

Laurie Wolfrey Garcia

My Mom is 80 and she has been on the HGH gel for 6 months now. She has had amazing energy and less discomfort in her hands! She had a fall and her hand was swollen ...this is her hand after 3 days! The gel is truly healing !

Carol Brenden

I can't believe the change in just a little over 8 months.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer July 2017 and had my complete thyroid removed October 2017. I was a complete mess. My hair was dry, brittle and falling out, I was tired all the time, having anxiety attacks and just hurt all over. The brain fog was so bad some days I didn't even remember how I got to work. I lost all drive and desire to do anything. I had no good quality of life.

Since beginning the gel I have experienced these amazing results.

👱‍♀️thicker fuller hair
🤗 longer nails
💪increased muscle mass
💃increased endurance and vitality
🤗hormones are more balanced.
🔥no more night sweats and hot flashes
🤩decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.
👉decreased joint discomfort
🤯No more brain fog
😁I am just joyful. Overall since of well being

I've also been able to decrease my thyroid medication twice since being on the gel.

I am so thankful to Alexi for creating the gel. It was an answer to my prayers.

No filters have been used in these photos.

This is my personal testimony.


Nancy Ritschel

I don’t promote anything that I don’t get results from and boy have I seen the results! The picture on the left is almost 5 months ago and the one on the right was taken 3 weeks ago. No touch up by any app either. I tell all my people to always take pictures when you start.

💥 softer skin from the inside revealing on the outside
💥 better mood
💥 hormones balancing out
💥 energy- no afternoon naps needed
💥 sciatic and hip discomfort..... Still gone
💥 eyelashes growing like crazy
💥 sleep sound and peacefully
💥 cellulite is diminishing
💥 more flexibility
💥 libido..yep I put that out there
💥recovery after running has been faster

These are the things happening to me and it is..... All in ONE bottle.

**This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**

Emily Jackson

I think I was the last person to jump on board some network marketing product or "MLM" because I was not going to jump in "some pyramid scheme". Great for you, but not for ME!! (Eating my words) ... when this product was introduced to me, I saw this GROUND FLOOR opportunity and knew this was would only come around once in a lifetime, but I really needed to sit back and MAKE SURE the product worked!!! NIGHT ONE= SLEEPING like a baby, and have been ever since! Sleep is where all healing starts in your body! I would say about 3 weeks in I noticed that my mood was up, and energy levels were definitely at a constant all day long!! Not like a cup of coffee but more ALL day long energy until bedtime, a NATURAL energy!! There are NO stimulants in this. THIS mom of 3 needs that!! I can workout, work all day, help with homework, cook dinner, still jump on calls and then go to bed (and sleep soundly). Now I wake up and hardly drink any coffee - who needs it!
Month 2 - I really started seeing more results.. LOST 7 LBS! WOOHOO!! Plus getting more muscle definition!! Also my pony tail is twice as thick!! I needed this, as with thyroid issues over the last 7 years my hair had been falling out in droves!!!
I get more compliments on MY skin today probably than anything!
PLUS as someone who has suffered from hormonal head discomfort at least a few times a month , I haven’t had any more head discomfort in 15 months !!!! This in itself is such a blessing... My neurologist couldn't even believe it..
My blood sugar is more balanced, I have had no aches , my skin looks better, more even, my nails have less ridges and are stronger!!! I literally feel younger.. i have just turned 40 and I feel 25 again!!! HGH has been known to help with these symptoms!!

Below on the left is a photo a week before I started the gel! And on the right was yesterday!!! I have used the gel for 18 months and I plan to continue for a lifetime.

**This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**


Teri Pert

In May of 2018 I was physically at my wits end needing to do something to bring comfort to my tired body, achy joints, and muscles. I was depressed, anxious, and lacking confidence as I struggled to get through each day. I was feeling every bit my 53 years of age and then some.

Then I started noticing testimonials on my Facebook feed for something called The Gel. The testimonies were compelling and for the first time in a long time hope was welling up inside of me. So I contacted my friend Lisa who had added me to the group and purchased my first bottle.

I began to notice improvements starting to occur after 4 weeks of being on The Gel. After 6 weeks discomforts were improved to the point pain management was no longer needed. Skin conditions that lasted years causing scaring and even hairloss cleared up. Night sweats that I had for a few years stopped as if someone turned off the heater. Anxiety attacks...had my last attack after being on The Gel for a month and haven’t had one sense. My skin...after a few weeks on The Gel I noticed a change in the way my skin felt when I was moisturizing it. It felt firmer. I kept telling my husband..something is going on with my face. Two months in I decided to compare pictures and was surprised by how much firmer it actually was.

Fast forward 10 months....I’m healthier, I feel better physically and mentally, and my confidence is up. I’m not implying that my health is 100% with the gel as I didn’t take care of myself for to many years for that to be the case. My quality of life is, however, so much better. The Gel has been a game changer for me. 😃. Give it a few months and see what it does for you. You’re worth it.

**This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**